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Patti Compton

President and Executive Director

Music History Hall Foundation

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"I founded Music History Hall to enable important cultural lessons to inspire as many students as possible to appreciate American music, its creators, and their cultural contributions."

- Patti Compton

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Patti Compton Bio

Patti Compton has built a reputation for deeply caring about the preservation of original American musical art forms.

As the Communications Director for Omega Events, Co-Founder and President of Music Preserves Foundation, host of the music history show/podcast PLAY SOMETHING SWEET on KX FM 104.7, and President and Executive Director of Music History Hall Foundation, Patti has spent decades dedicated to inspiring and educating about the rich, cultural history found by exploring the roots of American music. 

Projects have included music and cultural events, interviews with musicians, historians, professors, and culture bearers -- podcasts, art exhibits, and an award-winning curriculum -- supported by California Humanities, the Dr. Seuss Foundation, the California Arts Council, and the County of Orange. 

Honored as a 2023 Woman Storyteller Making a Difference by the County of Orange, Patti Compton designs music and cultural history courses exploring the history of American music and the cultural history of the United States highlighting untold stories -- utilizing instructional design best practices and content-rich curriculum aligned with California State Standards and Common Core guidelines.

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New Orleans Music Legend Visits Laguna Beach

Preservation Hall Musical Director, Wendell Brunious, shares the history and culture of New Orleans music.

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Nonprofit Teaches Cultural History Through Music

Music History Hall Foundation preserves and perpetuates the history of American music with a focus on education.

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Music History Hall Foundation Launches

Music History Hall Foundation launches with a visit from Preservation Hall Musical Director, Wendell Brunious.

American Music History Course Highlighted

Patti Compton's online American Music History curriculum is highlighted by California Humanities.

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Patti Compton Honored by County of Orange

Patti Compton is honored as a Woman Storyteller Making A Difference by the County of Orange.

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Music History Hall Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Contributions to Music History Hall Foundation are tax-deductible.  EIN: #93-2813728

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