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The MUSIC HISTORY HALL American Music History course is different from other courses because students learn to listen to music differently and see history from multiple perspectives.

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Learn Music History

Why learn music history? American Music History is important to explore because students build knowledge of how cultural events and music intertwine to explain history in new ways. Through content-rich, interactive, and engaging lessons, we explore the history of American music and culture to see history differently - through the eyes of the musicians who shaped the culture.

The history of American music is culturally rich and important. In our course, we trace American music from work songs and early blues in the fields of the Mississippi Delta through the creation of jazz in the melting pot of New Orleans; from Memphis and early rock and roll to England and the roots of the British Invasion. Students explore soul music in Alabama and country in California; from rap to punk to grunge, we follow the history of the United States and look at cultural contributions from diverse music pioneers as we build a timeline of American music. 

This is a content-rich standards-aligned cultural studies course rooted in music appreciation and American history. Lessons include essential questions, short lectures, videos, historical photography, curated music playlists, activities, a timeline, lesson guides, beautiful downloadable materials, and interactive discussions.

Enrich your student's education with this innovative, important, and fun course!

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Learn more about our American Music History course!

Music History: About

American Music History Course Highlighted

Patti Compton's online American Music History curriculum is highlighted by California Humanities.

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