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1-on-1 with Music History Hall CEO

Updated: Feb 3

For the launch of Music History Hall, we are interviewing president and CEO, Patti Compton, about her impetus for starting an education company and her goals and plans for the future of music and cultural history education.

MHH: Why did you want to start a company focused on music history education?

PC: I have been interested in music and music history for many years and after working as the PR Director for the Doheny Blues Festival for several years and starting a music foundation, I felt like there was an opportunity to create an education company that could create opportunities for music and cultural history education for more students.

MHH: Could you please explain what you mean by cultural history education?

PC: Yes. I feel that the history of American music is the cultural history of the United States and by educating students about the history of the music, we can teach broad cultural history and inspire understanding and respect for the many cultures who contributed to American music.

MHH: What genres of music will you focus on in the education courses?

PC: We aim to educate about all genres of American music, starting with the initial influences, through blues, jazz, folk, R&B, country, soul -- you name it, we plan to cover it.

MHH: How will your courses be executed?

PC: At Music History Hall, we bring music history lessons directly to students through expertly-designed online courses that blend short lectures with music, video content, activities, reading excerpts, a timeline, and engaging discussion.

MHH: How did you become interested in music education?

PC: I think it grew out of my combined love for music and love of history. I am an avid music fan and see live shows several times a month and I love history and read historical nonfiction in my spare time. I am originally from the south, so that may be where the love of original American music began -- since that is where the music started.

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