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Cultural History: American History in Music

Updated: Feb 3

The history of American music is the cultural history of the United States.

By tracing the roots of American art forms like jazz and blues and the development of genres such as R&B soul, country, folk and rock, we understand the history of American culture and the significant role music played in developing and reflecting that culture. From field hollers to gospel to blues to rock and ragtime to swing to bebop to funk, the history of music tells a complicated and compelling story of America.

At Music History Hall, we aim to follow the music and learn about our shared history through music, exploring regional music, prominent and lesser-known artists and significant musical events.

Muddy Waters is a classic example of the history of American music teaching us cultural history. His journey from the rural Mississippi Delta to the nightclubs of Chicago, from gospel to electric blues, tells the story of America during the 20th century.

Music History Hall explores the roots and history of American music through educational online courses and curriculum for schools.

Join us as we explore the history of American music.

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